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There are different cases when you need consultants to supplement programming work in a project. If you are unable to find a consultant in location, or if hiring a consultant in your location is costly, then consider DirectSourcing IT work.

Here is how it works - you hire a consultant offshore (I am in India, but this applies anywhere in the globe). You schedule regular status meetings, and knowledge transfer meetings as usual. The consultant can work with you using Skype, in your timezone or out of it. The consultant is subject to the same legal obligations you have in your country - just ask him or her to sign NDA's or other legal agreements.

The consultant works within your VPN, and gets work checked in and out of source control as usual.

You may have a few concerns such as:

1. Can the consultant be trusted to honor timelines?

In this situation it is no different from having someone at your office. The consultant will be able demonstrate his work using Screen sharing and code checked into source control.

2. Wouldn't I lose control compared to someone local?

Not with experienced consultants and regular status updates and demos.

While at the outset, you do have to spend 30 minutes sharing knowledge, with experienced consultants work can be done much faster.

If you are interested in working with me or get a reference from someone who has tried out the model in the United States, please email me at

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